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Are you bored of the way you take your summer desserts and drinks? Does milk taste the same way every single day? Looking for a new and innovative way to spruce up your drinks and give your desserts a makeover? Don’t worry, Rose Gulkand is your saviour for the day. Its delightful honey rush and intense rosy fragrance will transform your cooking in a way that is beyond imagination. Rich, sweet and oozing with flavour, your rose experience with this relish is sure to get you hooked. It is a sweet preserve of rose petals. It is an ideal ingredient to beat the summer heat, since it possesses coolant-like properties. It was considered a royal and lavish delicacy in the Indian subcontinent due to its seasonal nature and arduous cooking process. Instead of using the regular rose from your backyard garden, our Gulkand utilises the Panneer Roses and Pure Unprocessed Raw Honey along with a very small quantity of Palm Sugar.

Our Gulkand is sun-cooked over a period of at least one month, thereby imparting a rich, dense, floral flavour to the delicacy. Also, the nutrients of rose flowers are conserved in our sun-cooking method of Gulkand, which is not the case for a standard manufactured rose jam.


Gulkand is actually considered a medicine in Ayurveda. It is primarily known for its cooling properties, which is beneficial for those with excessive heat in their body. In addition to being a natural coolant, it has several other benefits, which include,

✅Improves skin tone, helps to improve skin glow and great for hair health as well.

✅Natural coolant primarily known for its cooling effects which is beneficial for those with excessive heat body.

✅Improves memory, eyesight and digestion. Removes toxin and purifies the blood.

✅Relieves constipation, acidity, gastritis and indigestion problems.

✅Helps to relieve itching, inflammation, redness of skin and other skin problems.


Rose Petals, Unprocessed Raw Honey & Palm Sugar.


✅A tablespoon of Gulkand mixed in a cup of milk at night helps you to get a peaceful sleep.

✅To beat acidity & bloating, mix a tbsp of Gulkand in a bottle of water and keep sipping throughout the day.

✅A teaspoon of Gulkand, 10 minutes after meals helps to regulate digestion, helps to absorb nutrients from food and curb your unwanted sweet cravings.

Why wait? Try our Purest Honey Gulkand today & reap its benefits !!😍😍

Note: Total weight is 430g out of which product weight is 250g & packing weight is 180g

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  1. Gunjan Singh Solanki

    “A natural way to cool your body and mind”

    When I tasted this brands gulkand it was like a love at first bite for me its natural fragrance and flavor of the rose petals, creating a delicate and aromatic taste which is both unique and refreshing its soft and slightly grainy texture with small pieces of rose petals dispersed throughout the bites made me fall in love with it weather it is a milkshake, falooda , rose petal ice-cream, paan flavored desserts,gulkand jam or gulkand flavored burfi or mithai!! This highly versatile rose gulkand which has a sweet and floral flavor that is reminiscent of roses by “Farm 2 Home” can add flavor, nutrition and health benefits to a wide range of dishes and recipes.
    The rose gulkand has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a cooling tonic and is used as a natural remedy for various health problems.

    Gulkand controls the pitta dosha to stabilise body temperature.
    Gulkand supports reducing stomach ulcers too.
    It helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
    It is known to prevent menstruation disorders like heavy bleeding and irregular periods.
    Gulkand improves skin complexion and health due to blood purifying properties.

    I am absolutely in love with this rose gulkand by “Farm 2 Home” because it has exceeded my expectations in every way and it is highly recommended by me to my friends family and to all those who are reading this on overall gulkand is a delicious treat that has been enjoyed in India and beyond for centuries and it is a wonderful way to add a touch of sweetness and fragrance to favorite foods and beverages.

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