Sathumaavu – 18 Ingredient Sprouted Health Mix Powder for 8 Months+

Sathu Maavu/Health Mix for babies is one of the rich foods which gives wholesome energy and strength. It is filling and can be consumed by everyone, even by our grandparents, but for babies strictly above 8 months and also for people of all age groups.

It is a porridge mix made using several kinds of cereal, grains, pulses and dry nuts. Most of the ingredients are soaked and sprouted to increase the nutritional value.

Don’t miss to try out this super healthy porridge mix for your tiny tots & your entire family, which is already trusted by 40,000+ moms across the Globe!!❤

Note :

✅8month+ To people of all age groups.

✅Recommend Servings: 2 servings Per day.

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250, grams, 500, grams



Though normal and sprouted health mix are nutritious and weight gaining food for babies, Sprouted version has the edge of being loaded with proteins than the normal SathuMaavu Powder for Babies.

✅Sprouting helps increase the nutritional value of the grain.

✅Sprouting process makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients especially Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C.


Let’s see the health benefits of all the 18 ingredients used in the making of Sprouted Health Mix Powder!!


Ragi or finger millet is easily digestible and is a rich source of calcium, fiber, thiamine, protein, carbohydrate and iron.


The starch in kambu or pearl millet has high energy content. Kambu also contains a good amount of calcium. Pearl millet is rich in fiber content and prevents constipation. It is also good to control diabetics and heart diseases.


Wheat is rich in vitamin B, manganese, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. Wheat is rich is fiber and improves metabolism. Prevents obesity and good for gastrointestinal health.


Orange corn is rich in carotenoids and vitamin A, a must for good eye health.


White corn is rich in fiber, niacin, vitamic C and potassium. It also contains small amount of iron, folate and magnesium. For this reason it is good for skin, heart and muscles. It is also good to improve immunity.


In the brown rice the bran and germ layers are kept intact and so it doesn’t lose nutrients and minerals like white rice in the making process.

Brown rice is rich in selenium, manganese, naturally occurring oils and anti-oxidants. It also has good fibers. It lowers the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and childhood asthma. It is one of the best baby foods.

GREEN GRAM(Sprouted)

It is rich in iron and magnesium. It also contains the Vitamis A, B and C along with Vitamin E. Green gram or whole moong dal is a good source of lean vegetarian protein.

It is considered anti-cancerous and is good to boost immunity.

CHANA DAL(Sprouted)

Chana dal is chickpeas. It is rich in iron, protein, zinc, folate and manganese. It helps prevent anemia, helps improve immunity and hair growth. It is also considered goof for the in the proper functioning of the body and brain.


Fried gram is roasted gram / pottukadala/ porikadalai or pottukadalai.

It is rich in protein and various vitamins and minerals. It is good for iron deficiency problem as it contains a good amount of iron.

BLACK GRAM(Sprouted)

Black gram is one of the richest sources of Vitamin B. It also contains iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It is also protein rich.


Almonds or badam are good for bones and boosts immunity. It helps improves skin complexion and is good for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.


Cashewnuts are rich in vitamins E, vitamin K and B6. It also contains minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. Iron and selenium are also found in cashewnut. All these minerals and vitamins are important for the proper healthy functioning of the body.


Peanut is also known as groundnut/ goober. It is a legume and is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and dietary proteins. It also contains Vitamin E and B plus minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium zinc , copper, and selenium.


Pistachios are a nutritionally rich food containing good amount of protein and dietary fibers. It also contains high content of copper, which aids in better absorption of iron. It also has various other vitamins and minerals.


Walnuts are known for its anti-inflammatory properties,Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids. These nuts can boost vitamin B levels that are particularly responsible for boosting skin health.


It is rich in magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and manganese and helps to fight against nausea, acidity, bloating and heartburn. It is also good to improve appetite and better kidney function.


Dry ginger is known as chukku and is good for improving digestion and curbing gas related problems. It also helps improve immunity and fight flu and common cold.

Adding dry ginger to home made cerelac lessens the chances of indigestion and gas that can occur from consuming so many pulses and grains.


Saffron is rich in Vitamin C, iron and magnesium.



  1. Divya (verified owner)

    Completely trust F2H products..been using since a year for my kids and we love this mix so much! Excellent quality..proved by its smell and taste every single day!

  2. Dhivyaroopa S (verified owner)

    Awesome flavour and taste. The aroma reminds me of grandma’s homemade porridge. Packaging is really good for storage purpose

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