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This wonder flower gives longevity to life. Aavarampoo / Aavaram Senna flower is widely used as a home remedy for skin disorders and body odor. It is also used for the treatment of pain, fever, urinary tract disorders, rheumatism, conjunctivitis, ulcers and liver disease.

✅Avarampoo flowers have been traditionally used for reducing high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and I am happy to say that this traditional use has been backed by research. We make avarampoo flower tea at home and it greatly helps bring down high blood sugar levels effectively.

✅Avarampoo plant has amazing antioxidant properties and regularly consuming antioxidant rich ingredients is the key to good health. Antioxidant rich herbs greatly prevents free radicals which is the major reason for premature ageing of hair and skin. Try to consume avarampoo tea regularly to get it’s amazing antioxidant benefits.

✅Another amazing benefit of avarampoo is it’s cholesterol reducing properties.The best part is avarampoo flower extract has been proven to be effective equal to prescription medications for lowering high cholesterol but without any of the side effects!

✅Avarampoo tea got by steeping the flowers in water has fever reducing properties as well. Along with reducing fever, it also reduces body pain too as it has analgesic properties. If you are suffering from fever I would suggest consuming avarampoo tea regularly for a few days.




✅Caffeine Free

✅Good for liver health

✅Reduces stress & Anxiety

✅Helps to controll blood sugar levels

✅Treats urinary tract infections

✅Good for skin & hair health

✅Helps to reduce blood pressure levels

✅ 100% Natural and Sundried


✅Boil 250ml of water and add 10 dried flowers to it and switch off the flame.

✅Leave it aside for 5 minutes. Seive and sip down warm.

✅You can also add lemon juice, other spices and raw honey to this if needed.


2 to 3 Servings per day.

Try this 100% Natural Aavarampoo Flower Tea and stay at your pink of health!!❤️

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Weight 25 g


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