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The first stage of weaning your baby is fairly simple, as most Moms offer a puree of a single fruit or vegetable or a single grain cereal. However, as your baby gets used to these, it’s time to mix things up and get them used to more different flavors. Mixing grains, vegetables and nuts also increases the nutritional value.To make a good thing better we have combined Carrots & Nuts with Multigrains and this way you get the nutrients from Multigrains along with the highly nutritious Carrots. Carrot Cereal is an excellent source of carbohydrates and Vitamin A. As babies become more mobile and starts crawling, standing and walking, they need more energy for their daily activities. Besides, the high fiber ensures that they don’t strain during bowel movements and prevents constipation.


Sprouted (Ragi, Kambu, Green gram, Black gram, Wheat, Jowar, Black Channa) Orange corn, Redrice, Carrots, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Walnuts, Cardamom, Peanuts & Friedgram.


✅Helps in healthy weight gain.

✅Excellent choice to boost immunity.

✅High in dietary fiber and soluble fibre.

✅Promotes smooth bowel movements and prevents constipation.

✅Provides instant energy for babies and keeps them active all day.

✅Rich source of micronutrients & macronutrients such as Carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals.

✅100% free from preservatives, sugar/salt, milk solids, oil and artificial flavors.


✅For babies under 1-year-old, you can prepare porridge in boiling water.

✅For one year plus baby, milk can be used preferably cow or buffalo milk.

✅For those who use a formula for their baby, it can be used in porridge.

✅Sterilize all the bowls and spoons used to make and feed baby food.

✅Wash your hands.Add 2 tablespoons of porridge powder to 1 cup of water or milk.

✅Stir in the powder so that it does not form lumps.

✅When the powder dissolves completely in the milk or water, switch on the gas stove.

✅Stir in medium flame until the porridge is cooked.Add jaggery/country sugar/palm candy to it and stir until it is melted.

✅If the porridge starts coming off from the sides of the pan in which it is cooked, then it means that the porridge is well cooked.

✅Switch off the stove and add a teaspoon of ghee to it.Once it’s warm, can be fed to the baby.

Don’t miss to try a bowl of this porridge variety enriched with the goodness of Multigrains & Carrots which makes a wholesome and complete meal for babies over eight months!!😊❤️

Note :

✅8 Months+ to People of all age groups.

✅Recommend Servings: 2 servings Per day.

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Weight 250 g


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