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PALM SPROUT POWDER/PANANGKIZHANGU PODI is an age old healthy food which has been used by our ancestors decades ago.Palm sprouts is a sprout that grows when matured palm fruits are burried under the soil.Palm sprouts are popular food in south India & Sri Lanka. It slowly lost its fame after the packed and processed foods started occupying our kitchens. It has loads of health benefits but nowadays it’s very rare to find this powder and it’s almost an extinct food.


✅Palm sprouts are high in protein content.

✅Being rich in dietary fibre it helps to improve digestion, reduces constipation and improves gut health.

✅Rich in dietary fibre, folate and other vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

✅Low in fat and have no cholesterol because they are plant-based.

✅Keeps you hunger free for long time and thus helps in weight loss.

✅Valued for reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiac problems and obesity due to the presence of omega-3 (ALNA) and other unsaturated fatty acids.

✅Low in glycemic index and help the diabetic patient by increasing insulin response.Owing to these benefits, it is safe to be consumed by a diabetic patient.

✅Palm sprouts powder is an excellent food for anaemic patients. Having this porridge along with palm jaggery makes it a very rich source of iron.

✅It’s a natural coolant and provides instant energy and helps in healthy weight gain for kids.

✅For women especially , having this porridge along with coconut milk helps in strengthening the uterus.

✅Boosts immunity and excellent source of iron.

✅Excellent weight gaining food for babies when added along with sathumaavu/healthmix porridge.


✅Make porridge out of it along with Palm jaggery/Karuppati.

✅It has a mild bitter taste, so for kids it can be added along with other porridge varieties to balance the taste.

✅You can also add coconut milk to this porridge for best results.

✅Add a tbsp of this powder to your regular Idli dosa batter, a hassle free way to add it to your kid’s diet.

✅It can also be added to to atta while making chapathis/poori, can also be added to puttu/kozhukatai flour while making these foods.

✅Very safe to be consumed by 1year+ kids to people of all age groups.

Grab this ancient organic super food to stay at the pink of your health!!❤

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