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ALMOND APPLE BANANA DRINK (10 MONTHS+ To People of All Age Groups)❤️

Introducing Instant Almond Apple Banana Drink – A Perfectly Balanced High Energy Drink with the Goodness of Almonds, Apples and Nendran Bananas, that fill your whole family up with life giving potassium & magnesium and Almonds help in brain development. A cup of this drink is healthy and filling enough for a breakfast/meal!!?


✅ Apples are rich in fiber & polyphenols which offers loads of health benefits.

✅ Bananas contain a number of beneficial nutrients.

✅ They’re one of the best sources of potassium you’ll find, which is ideal if you’re fighting high blood pressure since potassium is linked to healthy blood pressure.

✅ It is also high in fiber as well as high in vitamins and dietary fiber.

✅ Almonds are rich in healthy fats that help reduce inflammation.

✅Helps in brain development of kids.


Almonds, Apples, Raw Nendran Banana, Cardamom & Saffron.


✅ Add 2 tsp of this powder to a glass.

✅ Heat 1 cup of milk approx 150ml to boiling point.

✅Add hot milk to the Glass with powder and mix well using 2 glasses and cover it.

✅After 5 mins serve the milk. Add natural sweetener if needed as per taste.

✅ Can be served hot/chilled.

Indulge on this healthy treat and a cup of this Almond Apple Banana Drink provides your body with essential polyphenols, vitamins, minerals,dietary fiber and a boost of energy much needed for a healthy start!!❤️

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Weight 100 g


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