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Indian gooseberry or amla is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients. The essential minerals and vitamins that it contains, are not only integral to our body’s well-being, but also indispensable to preventing and managing some of the most common and widespread diseases. Whether eaten raw, juiced, powdered or simply added in an array of pickles, jams, dips or spreads – including amla in your diet finales into good health by all means. Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, hence it helps boost your immunity, metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments, including cold and cough. Its nutritional profile also comes studded with a range of polyphenols that are known to fight against the development of cancer cells. According to Ayurveda, amla juice is known to balance all the processes in the body and brings to equilibrium all three doshas – vata, kapha, pitta. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, which means that it protects you against the harmful effects of free radicals. It helps in slowing down the ageing process and is needed for collagen production hence keeping your skin, hair healthy and supports the immune system. There are many health benefits of amla juice, if included to daily diet.

One of the most effective and easy way to add amla to your diet is – Take a tbsp of this syrup and have it diluted with water every day on an empty stomach. It clears your system, aids in digestion, helps in maintaining clear skin, healthy hair and good eyesight. Amla juice can be a tad unpalatable, but enjoys multi-fold health benefiting properties that will set your frowned faces right😍😍😍


Amla (Gooseberries), Palm Sugar, Raw Unprocessed Honey.


✅Add a tbsp of this syrup to a cup of 200 ml of water.

✅Add a tsp of lemon juice if needed.

✅Mix well and serve. Tastes best when served chill 🙂


✅ Amla juice can be taken as a powerful home remedy to treat cough and flu as well as mouth ulcers.

✅Two servings of amla juice consumed everyday can help a great deal in treating cold and cough. Mix a couple of teaspoons in water and gargle with it twice a day to get rid of mouth ulcers.

✅Regular consumption of amla juice helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Amino acids and antioxidants aid in the overall functioning of heart.

✅It is also helpful in managing diabetes better as well as respiratory ailments like asthma.The alkaline nature of amla helps in clearing the system and strengthening the digestive system.

✅It supports liver function and flushes out toxins from the body. Along with Vitamin C, amla is also rich in iron, calcium, phosphorous and hence can be taken as a complete nutritional drink.

✅Amla juice taken right before sleeping helps a great deal, it also helps in detoxifying the ill-effects of junk food.So, there you go, it is a potent nature’s elixir packed to combat most of our everyday health woes.

Give it a try & you will be amazed!!😍

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