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Badam pisin is a natural coolant with lot of health benefits. Although Jigardanda is quite popular in Tamil Nadu, not many people know the fact that Badam Pisin is used in making Jigardanda. Almond Gum Or Badam Pisin is the gum from Badam tree. It’s used in Jigardanda and rose milk, the one that looks like dried glue. It will have a glassy texture after soaking for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight.

In a country like India, where the summers are too hot to bear, we search for things that can help cool our body. Instead of turning to refrigerated cool drinks which are just empty calories and does not actually cool your body. Did you know that Badam pisin otherwise known as Badam gum has great cooling properties? It is a natural coolant and has jelly like properties that gives good texture and taste to your drink.


✅It has great cooling properties and is suitable for people with excessive body heat.

✅It helps to calm the stomach burns, treats ulcers and reduces the burning sensation in the stomach.

✅It is a good cure for people suffering from diaherra.

✅It is known for its cholesterol lowering properties.

✅In North India, It is given to pregnant women for its nutritional and cooling properties.

✅It strengthens the bone and increases body strength.

✅It can be used in deserts and beverages after a spicy meal to prevent acidity and stomach burns.

✅Being a natural gum, it is free of artificial colors and preservatives. It is therefore ideal for consumption by children.

✅It can be used in preparing ice creams and jelly’s for children.

✅When consumed regularly, it helps to gain weight. Add badam pisin with milk and drink to see visible result in weight gain for underweight kids.

A simple recipe to start with?



✅Badam Pisin – 2 pieces

✅Milk – 150 ml

✅Sugar – 1 tsp

✅Water – 100 ml cup

✅Elachi powder – a pinch(optional)


✅Soak the Badam pisin overnight in 100 ml water.

✅Next morning, take 3 tbsp of the soaked badam pisin and mix with milk.

✅Add sugar and elachi powder for better taste.

✅Mix well and consume.

✅Badam Pisin has natural sugars. Hence, you have to add sugar to your taste.

Try this to stay hydrated all through the day!!❤

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Weight 100 g


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