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BLUE BERRIES (Sundried)❤️

Blueberry, often regarded as Mother Nature’s super antioxidant, ranks as the second favorite fruit in the world after strawberry. From sweet to tart and tangy, blueberries are grown in clusters and range in a size from a pea to a marble. The fruit turns from pale green to dark blue upon ripening.


Blueberry is one of only natural foods that are blue in colour.


✅Blueberries are a source of diverse micro nutrients that are required for the human body.

✅Most studies have suggested that blueberries influences blood pressure regulation.

✅The fruit is also low in fat containing only 80 calories.

✅Blueberries are packed with anthocyanins, which imparts it the deep purple color. These are great anti-inflammatories and antioxidants known to prevent cancer, heart diesases, ageing etc.

✅They are also a great source of Vitamin C and since our body cannot store or produce Vitamin C its ideal to chomp on foods loaded with it.

✅Promotes mental health and treats urinary tract infections.

✅Lowers risk of breast cancer and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

✅Good source of dietary fiber, rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.

✅Fights against bad cholesterol and improves immunity.


✅Soak 5 to 6 Blue Berries overnight, along with other nuts & seeds and consume in empty stomach in morning as first food.

✅Blue Berries can be added to your Oatmeal or Muesli.

✅Toss some Blueberries into a muffin or cookie recipe. Can be added to salads as well.

✅Recommended dosage is 5-6 Blueberries per day.

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