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All-in-One Garam Masala❤

Freshly handmade
High quality
Pure ingredients
Alluring aroma
No preservatives

Like any other garam masala, it enhances taste and aroma. But, how is it different?

Acts as a bioavailability enhancer.

Helps in absorption of food nutrients and adds extra flavor to your dishes

Contains a wide range of immunity-boosting ingredients like pepper, coriander, cumin seeds and many more

Fits perfectly as a go-to option for a quick and authentic cooking

The herbs in the garam masala are enriched with digestive and medicinal properties

Gives a fresh aroma and acts as a taste enhancer to your food

You can use this while marinating, cooking dals, cooking curries, seasoning, etc as per your desire

Grab this garam masala and experiment your dishes and share it with us!!?

Good day!!❤

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Weight 100 g


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