STINGLESS BEE HONEY / SIRU THAEN (Raw & Unprocessed) (1 Year+) (250g)


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1 Year+ to People of all age groups.

Stingless Bee honey / Siru Thaen / Cheru Thaen is a precious product of the stingless bees and it’s often called as Liquid Gold, Enemy of diseases & Mother Medicine. It’s loaded with tons of medicinal properties and it is an excellent food for,

✅Boosting our immunity system.

✅For weight loss & obesity.

✅For treating diabetes & diabetic wounds.

✅For burning fat.

✅For fighting against cancer cells.

✅For Anti aging.

✅For treatment of ulcers & bacterial gut infections.

✅For fighting bacteria and treating bronchial infections, sore throat, coughs, colds etc.

✅Repairs and improves the systems of the human body.

Stingless bee honey is different from that produced by normal honey bees in terms of its color, taste, viscosity & medicinal value.This valuable bee product has traditionally been consumed directly and used in numerous medical treatments for various diseases. It’s believed to have nutrients and enzymes similar to that of World famous Newzealand’s Manuka Honey.


✅Stingless bees are very small in size than honeybees and it collects honey by travelling within 500mts and it can’t fly to greater heights.

✅So these bees collects honey from medicinal herbs,shrubs & small wild growing plants and trees in the nearby areas such as Tulsi,Veli paruthi, Thethi, Banana tree, guava tree, touch me not plant,mango tree, thumbapoo and many more medicinal plants.

✅Normal honeybees cannot collect honey from small flowers as their body structure don’t support to do so.

✅This honey certainly has a lot of nutrients because stingless Bees suck nectar from flowers to the deepest space.

✅As a result the collected honey contains many vitamins and minerals among which is Propolis, produced from the bee’s saliva mixed with its food such as pollen, tree shots & flowers.

✅Propolis is considered beneficial to health because it contains all 16 amino acids, glucose, vitamins A,B,C,D and E, bioflavonoids and minerals.


✅Honey from stingless bees is known for its nutritional value.

✅It is thrice as nutritious as ordinary honey.

✅The honey production is much less when compared to ordinary honey.

✅Normal honey bees can produce up to 40 times more honey than stingless bees.

✅The average honey production by a stingless bee colony is about 350 grams to 1kg of honey in a year.

✅This makes the honey from stingless bees more expensive and rare.


✅Ofcourse yes, Normal honey is collected by honeybees from the trees available in the local area whereas wild honey is collected from diverse varieties of trees and plants in the forest.

✅But cheruthen is completely different as it is collected by stingless bees, an entirely different species from that of normal honeybees and collects honey mostly from small flowers of medicinal plants.

Kick Start your Day With A Warm Cup Of Water mixed up with this Liquid Gold- The Mother Medicine for all kinds of ailments!!😊❤

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