TULSI HONEY (Raw & Unprocessed) (250g)




Raw & Unprocessed Honey collected by honeybees exclusively from TULSI Flowers in its purest form❤️

Tulsi Honey or Tulsi Thaen is the most precious product of the Honey Bees that feed only on the nectar of Tulsi Flowers. Tulsi honey has various health benefits, as it combines the nutritional properties of both Tulsi and raw honey. It is very high in antioxidants & loaded with tons of medicinal properties which helps to boost our immune system, cures cold, cough, common flu & treats allergies very effectively.


✅Rich source of natural antioxidants which helps to reduce inflammation.

✅Fights against cancer cells.

✅Has Anti-aging properties.

✅Treats Cold, Cough, Common Flu & Allergies

✅The nutrients in Tulsi honey support the immune system, promoting overall health and well-being.


Tulsi Honey or Tulsi Thaen is different from that produced by normal honey bees in terms of its colour, taste, viscosity & medicinal value. It has a very distinctive flavour and taste. This valuable bee product has been traditionally consumed directly and used in numerous medical treatments for various diseases. It is believed to be very dense in nutrients and enzymes that helps to boost the immunity.

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