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Walnuts are brown, they’re crunchy and they usually come encased in a hard shell that resembles the human brain. Toss them around in salads or use them in sinful desserts, they taste absolutely delicious every time. Walnuts are perhaps one of the most effective superfoods and can play a remarkable role in improving an individual’s health.Among nuts, they stand out for their unique nutrient content and phenomenal health benefits; they’re rich in fiber, protein, essential fats, vitamins and antioxidants.


✅Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acid or polyunsaturated fatty acid.

✅Omega 3 fatty acids are considered absolutely essential, and can only be obtained only by consumption of certain kinds of food.

✅Walnuts are a good source of protein and dietary-fibreWalnuts are loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folate and thiamin.


✅Walnuts contain many nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid, phytosterol and antioxidants which not only prevent growth of tumors but also reduce the risk of developing breast and prostate cancer.

✅Walnuts help in lowering cholesterol levels. They’re rich in L-arginine (amino acid) and omega 3 fatty acid (alpha-linolenic acid) – two compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent the formation of blood clots.

✅Eating walnuts makes you feel full, which reduces appetite and helps with weight management.

✅Walnuts help in building resistance for insulin, control blood glucose levels and lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

✅Eating walnuts during pregnancy helps in reducing the symptoms of nausea and in proper brain development in children.

Include this wonder nuts in your daily diet and stay at the pink of your health!!😊❤️

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Weight 250 g


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