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Thoothuvalai is familiar in many parts of India for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties.This is one more of those natural remedies that some homes have forgotten about over the last few decades but is back in the reckoning as most of us look back to nature for remedies. The plant grows widely in India and parts of South Asia. It’s quite easy to find in states like Tamil Nadu where the leaves are sold sometimes at vegetable shops or markets. The leaves are bitter and they are normally fried in ghee to reduce this bitterness. At Farm 2 Home we offer it as ready to use powder with all nutritional benefits intact.


✅Traditionally used for treating cold,cough,asthma & thyroid.

✅Very effective in treating chest congestion, cough, blocked nose and sinus infection.

✅Rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

✅Helps to control blood sugar levels in diabetics and has a protective effect on kidneys as well.


✅Add a tsp if this powder to a cup of warm water and consume in empty stomach.

✅A tsp of this powder can be added while making herbal decoction for cough/cold.

✅Consuming a tsp of this powder mixed with pepper & honey followed by a cup of warm water helps to control cough and cold.

Adding a small quantity of this powder to your everyday rasam is a simple method to add the goodness of thoothuvalai to your regular diet!!😊❤️

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Weight 100 g


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