CORN CARROT PANCAKE MIX (10 Months+) (250g)


Weight 250 grams

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Pancakes are often considered a weekend-only treat, but there’s no denying that the other five days would be substantially better if they too, started with a warm bliss. To make this an actually feasible option on hectic mornings, we at FARM 2 HOME has come up with healthy, tasty and ready to use CORN CARROT PANCAKE mix with the goodness of 15 ingredients,that will be ready in 15 minutes or less🥰

Orange Corn, Emmer Wheat, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios, Carrots.


(1/4 Cup is approx 30g)

🔸Add 1/4 cup of this pancake mix in a mixing bowl.

🔹Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of cooking soda(optional) and any natural sweetener of your choice like country sugar/honey/palm sugar/ brown sugar as required.

🔸Add required amount of milk and mix everything together to thick dosa batter consistency.

🔹Heat a pan and wait till it turns really hot. Pour a laddle of the mix on the pan and do not spread it.

🔸Wait till small bubbles are formed and then cook it in low flame.

🔹Drizzle ghee and cook one side well, flip to other side and cook well. Serve with F2H honey/ Choco dates syrup/ fruits.

Now Light, fluffy and tasty pancakes are easy to achieve with our homemade pancake mix. These are perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch and pancakes from scratch are the best!!😍

Good day!!❤

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Weight 250 g


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