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Samba Wheat Puttu not only taste amazing but is highly nutritious as well. Don’t miss to try our authentic & pure Homemade Samba Wheat Puttu/Idiyappam flour made using traditional method with the goodness of hand picked finest quality Samba Wheat.Steps followed are as below,

✅Samba Wheat is Thoroughly washed.

✅Soaked in water for few hours.

✅Water drained and shade dried.

✅Powdered and the flour is dry roasted for more than an hour in low flame.


✅Take a mixing bowl and add 1.5 cups of wheat flour and salt as needed.

✅Sprinkle water little by little and start mixing the flour.

✅Keep adding water and mixing till all the flour becomes moist. If you feel the flour forms lumps,pulse it in a mixie for few seconds.

✅To steam puttu add water to the bottom of the puttu maker or cooker and put it in the stove.

✅Now start layering, Add 2 tbsp of grated coconut followed by some prepared puttu flour. Add it loosely so that there is enough space for steam to pass easily.

✅Repeat the process till the puttu maker gets filled.Place it on the Puttu Kudam or Pressure Cooker and within few minutes steam starts coming off the top.

✅Wait for another couple of minutes and switch it off.Push out the steamed puttu with the stick that comes along with the puttu maker.

Aroma filled, healthy & tasty Samba Wheat Puttu is now ready to be served hot along with sugar, jaggery or Spicy gravies of your choice!!

Don’t miss to grab your pack of this healthy, aromatic and pure homemade and handmade Puttu/Idiyappam flour!!❤️

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Weight 500 g


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