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With winter comes an array of delicious snacks that make us want to curl up in a blanket and enjoy them with our friends and family. One such scrumptious winter snack is the chikki. With palm jaggery, sesame seeds, honey and ghee, this sweet and crunchy brittle is loved in all parts of the country!! This snack is so common in the winter that you can easily find a variety of chikkis in every other local store. We at Farm 2 Home have found a way to make these delicious varieties of chikkis at home. Now, you don’t need to run to the store every time you crave chikki!!😍


Sesame Seeds, Roasted Peanuts, Palm Jaggery, Honey & Ghee


✅Pure Home Made

✅Zero White Sugar

✅No added Oil

✅No Preservatives

It tastes good and helps build immunity too, owing to the splendid health properties of sesame seeds. Whether you want something to munch on with evening tea or sweeten your mouth after a meal, chikki is the ideal choice throughout the year. This special sesame seed chikki also provides us with the essential nutrient of protein that loads up on energy and also keeps us feeling full for a long time. Don’t miss trying it today!!😍

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