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Watermelon seeds are low in calories and are nutrient dense. When roasted, they’re crispy and can easily take the place of other unhealthy snack options!!

✅These seeds are an incredible source of magnesium with over 140% of your daily requirement in just one cup.

✅They are also rich in copper, manganese and potassium.

✅All these nutrients contribute to bone health, strengthen your bones and improve their mineral density as well.

✅Watermelon seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients like folate, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium.

✅These seeds are considered to be highly nutritious, as they are also rich in amino acids, proteins and vitamin B complex.

✅All these nutrients together help in boosting your body’s metabolism.

Grab this pack of seeds now and stay at your pink of health!!😍

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Weight 100 g


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