Weight 100  grams


Herbal Detox Powder for Weight loss & Detoxification❤️


Barley, Horsegram, Flax seeds, Kalonji, Dry Ginger, Thai Ginger, Fennel seeds, Cumin Seeds, Pepper, Ajwain, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander
seeds and Triphala


🔹2 cups of this drink per day helps in weight loss

🔹Helps to get rid of tiredness

🔹Helps in digestion & relieves constipation

🔹Removes toxins from the body

🔹Keeps our Body Fit and diseases at bay


🔹Boil 1 cup of water.Once it starts boiling add 1 tsp of this Herbal Detox Powder.

🔹Boil for 5 minutes and switch off the flame.

🔸Wait for 2 minutes for the particles to settle at the bottom and then Seive it.

🔹Add a Tbsp of lemon juice and a Tsp of pure raw honey to this drink. Mix well and Sip On!

When to take this Detox Drink?

🔹Two cups of this drink per day helps in weight loss.

🔹Take one cup of this drink in morning in empty stomach. Don’t drink water & don’t eat anything else for an hour.

🔹Also, take another cup of this drink at night, 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Good day❤

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Weight 100 g


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